My name's Jonnie. Welcome to my little slice of the Internet!
I've always had a fondness for Old Web aesthetics and the indie web spirit,
so I've finally taken the plunge and made a Neocities. Thanks for stopping by!

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12-19-22 - ADDED THE GALLERY! Realized perhaps it's best, legally, for my fanfic to exist on AO3 and removed the Writing section. Added overflow properties to this section as well.

07-12-22 - Overhauled the entire website. It's now responsive and looking better than ever!

03-30-22 - Changed the main page to a landing page that's mobile friendly! The rest of the site's still best viewed on desktop, though.

03-28-22 - Added a doodle of the fursona to the about page, and added some link back buttons!

03-27-22 - Rearranged the links on the sidebar in a way I felt was more logical. Also added the blog! EDIT: Added pages for Writing and the sitemap. Nothing's on them yet, but they are there.

03-21-22 - Changed the font! Also yesterday added the about page, guestbook, and other sites along with some spiffy aesthetic updates. EDIT: Added some different images to different pages; try mousing over some for some extra bits! Also added some diversity to the sidebar text on other pages as well.

03-20-22 - Updated the site's code! Thank God for REPTH themes, my savior.